Clinical Information

Clinical Information

TVS Tumor Response Results

Less tumor measured by TVS:
56% of patients achieved a
response in tumor volume1

Tumor Volume Score (TVS) was defined in ENLIVEN
as the estimated volume of the maximally distended
synovial cavity or tendon sheath involved, measured
in 10% increments.1*

Secondary endpoint: ORR measured by TVS
at week 251,2,6,a

less-bar-desk less-bar-desk

CI, confidence interval; CR, complete response; ITT, intent to treat; ORR, overall
response rate; PR, partial response; TVS, Tumor Volume Score.

* Because of the irregular shape and poor contrast between the tumor and its
surroundings, linear measurement of tumor response in TGCT is challenging.6,7

a ORR was determined by blinded independent central review (BICR).1

b Fisher’s exact test.1,2

Possibilities that may continue:
More patients responded
over time1,3,5

Within a median follow-up of 38 months, more
patients achieved responses.3,5

Exploratory analysis: More patients
responded to TURALIO over time1,2,3,5

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c An exploratory analysis measured the best overall response achieved with
TURALIO from the start of treatment until a median of 38 months (data cutoff
of May 31, 2019).3,5 The analysis of this endpoint was not included in the
prespecified statistical analysis plan to control for type 1 error3; as such, it may
be susceptible to bias.

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